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We have developed creative freelancer jobs for local professionals to be successful in the cities they live in. We specialize in fostering relationships with the top creative agencies in your neighborhood, to provide quality work, effective project management to ensure timely delivery and payment. Additionally, we bring local freelancers together to promote networking and continuing training. The five services we provide to freelancers are:

  • We find the right opportunities
  • Quality work for all skill levels
  • Optional project management
  • Best practices to deliver projects on-time
  • Payments secured before project start

Apply to local creative freelancer jobs by posting your resume.
Local creative agencies and business are looking for your services. Post your resume to be considered for their next project!


Find companies within your local market to partner with.
Form meaningful relationships with local creative agencies and businesses to develop a healthy pipeline of opportunities.


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Creative Agencies

We have formed a network of professional creative freelancers across various areas of creative media that can be hired locally or virtually. Our freelancers can assist your organization with creative projects to propel them across the finish line. Effective project management is the focus of our mission, bridging the communication gap that often leads to project creep. The key areas of focus are:

  • Creating and meeting project terms and needs
  • Facilitate communication between parties
  • Optional project management services
  • Clear goals to minimize project scope creep
  • Payments held in escrow until goals are met

Connect with local creative freelancers.
View resumes within your local market to hire the right freelancers for your next project.

It’s simple to post your job on PhotoPuck. Attract top talent within your local market. Hire a freelancer or employee.


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Local Businesses

Small businesses are the life blood to the local economy. The owner usually wears multiple hats to keep their business running. But all too often, important tasks to grow their business remain undone. At PhotoPuck, we can lend a helping hand to provide freelancers that can help you reach your advertising goals. Here are a few ways we can help small business owners reach their adverting goals:

  • Creating a tangible strategy to met goals
  • Identifying key areas of improvement.
  • Creating new areas of opportunities
  • Clear goals to minimize project scope creep
  • Give the best return on your investment

Local creative professionals are ready to help. Post a Job!
We have many freelancers right in your area that can come to you! Post your creative job to attract the right talent.


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